Yamaha Ride the Wave Win the Thrill


Dive into the adventure of a lifetime with our sizzling Ride the Wave extravaganza!

Feel the adrenaline rush from November 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024, as this high-octane competition blasts you closer to scoring the first-ever, brand NEW Yamaha JetFIsh Equipped - FX HO WaveRunner - tailor-made for anglers - ready to hit the water straight off the showroom floor.

Team up with Yamaha Financial Services for an opportunity to reel in the ultimate reward. This isn't just any prize, it's your ticket to an uncharted world of aquatic exhilaration!

  1. Choose YMI to protect your assets
    Secure your assets with YMI insurance and watch the tides turn in your favour! Not only do you lock down unparalleled peace of mind, but you also snag an instant golden ticket into the draw for a splash-tastic JetFish equipped FX HO.

  2. Settle your loan with YMF
    Navigate financial seas with grace by settling your loan with YMF. Smart? Absolutely. Rewarding? Even more so! Each loan settles your spot in this exhilarating race, edging you closer to the aquatic prize of your dreams.

  3. Triple your chances to win
    The waves of opportunity come in sets of threes! Combine the power of insurance and a settled loan during our contest saga, and you'll harness the storm with THREE entries to win. That's triple the adventure and triple the chance to rule the waters with your brand-new JetFish Equipped FX HO!

Dive in, the water is fine and the stakes are sky-high! Secure and settle with us, and the next wave you ride could be on your prized JetFish FX HO.

Terms and Conditions
Navigate the shallows with care! Review the Terms and Conditions for in-depth information on the contest's rules, qualifications, and additional details. Let knowledge be your guide.